Annual Membership fees



Voting & Privileges Apply to One Financial Member Aged Over 18 Years

To be eligible for Membership 

You Must Own at least

one Volkswagen Vehicle



Voting & Privileges Apply to Two Financial Members Aged Over 18 Years

Children under 18 years are welcome 

to attend events, but cannot 

be financial members.


$55.00 Plus $10.00 Per Additional People

Voting & Privileges Apply to Multiple Financial Members Aged Over 18 Years

Example: Two family members = $55

Plus $10 per Each Additional Family Member Aged Over 18 Years

Residing at the Same Address

50% Pro-Rata Subscription

Applies  to New Memberships 

Signed Up Between 1 January - 30 June.

Full Annual Fee Applies Thereafter

Annual Membership form

To download a pdf of the current Ballarat Volkswagen Club Annual Membership Form, click button below

Membership Form 2018 2019 (pdf)


fees due 1st july

Important Information

If a member has a vehicle on the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme through the 

Ballarat Volkswagen Club, 

they must renew their annual membership by the due date (1 July), 

or they will not be legally allowed to drive that vehicle on public roads